Becoming very rich and also having a lot of money is the desire of many people in this world. Because of that, with our money, we can buy what we want. Moreover, if the nominal amount of our money is very large. Usually, people who have great wealth are also called millionaires, also billionaires.

These billionaires usually come from many business circles. It is very difficult to become a millionaire. But that, with gambling, anything is possible. Eight of these gamblers who have become millionaires have already proven it.

This gambler who became the first millionaire was named Bobby Baldwin. It is estimated that this person’s wealth reaches up to 218 billion rupiah. The numbers that exist are fantastic, aren’t they? Become one of the legends in this gambling world. Because there are often won various gambling events that are world class. Like from the World series of poker tournaments.

His wealth was also estimated to be even greater. That’s because of how often he won this gambling competition. Work as a senior in a company. But that, even in the company’s salary, there is also a crushing loss when compared to his income from gambling.

The Second Man named Jonathan Dubamel

This gambler who has become a billionaire is named Jonathan Dubamel. This Canadian man is also estimated to have a wealth of 463 billion from playing this gambling. He also has a very high ability to play gambling. Even so, he has never lost in gambling.

His wealth is also increasing year by year. That’s because of playing gambling. His life was not meant to be full of luck. Because of that, he had also been a victim of crime. Where was his house was link sbobet asia by a criminal. The loss is also estimated at up to 10 billion.

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This gambler who has become a millionaire is named Ray Bitar. In addition to being a very great gambling player, Ray Bitar is also an entrepreneur who is in the field of gambling for online casinos. From a business, it is estimated that he pocketed 589 billion rupiah.

This Last Is A Husband And Wife

The gambler who has become a millionaire is also a married couple. Becoming an impromptu millionaire in an instant was due to having won a lottery. They also won the lottery with a value of 57 million pounds.

If it is converted into rupiah, there depobos is also around 678 billion rupiah. From that large number, they suddenly have a very luxurious life. By building a company, as well as houses, and luxury vehicles.

Sheldon Adelson is also one of the richest people in the world. It is estimated that he has a total wealth of up to around 46 trillion rupiah. He is the owner of the city of Las Vegas Sand. There are many of the biggest gambling hotel resorts, such as from Macmu, from Las Vegas, there is New Jersey and also other cities.